• Catherine Woodham Fisher; Henry Annesley Woodham
    Inscription : HENRY ANNESLEY WOODHAM LLB Sometime fellow of Jesus College Cambridge born Newbury Aug 4 1813 died at Cambridge March 16 1875 CATHERINE WOODHAM FISHER wife of WILLIAM WEBSTER FISHER MD Downing Professor of Medicine sister of HENRY ANNESLEY WOODHAM LLB Sometime fellow of Jesus College Cambridge born at Newbury in Berkshire on St ...
  • Mary Louisa Chadwick; William Edward Chadwick
    Inscription : In Memory of WILLIAM EDWARD CHADWICK DD BSc 1858 – 1934 also his wife MARY LOUISA CHADWICK 1864 – 1935
  • Richard Brett
    Inscription : RICHARD BRETT departed this life 7th January 1863 aged 78
  • Isabella Jiggins; John Thomas Jiggins
    Inscription : In Loving Memory of ISABELLA JIGGINS d March 7th 1905 aged 84 also of JOHN THOMAS JIGGINS d May 30th 1931
  • Alice Amelia Brown; Charles James Brown; Henry James Brown; Marianne Brown; Maryanne Sophia Brown; Sarah Stevens
    Inscription : In Loving Memory of MARIANNE wife of HJ BROWN d Feb 26 age 73 also HENRY JAMES BROWN her husband d Feb 3 1892 age 75 also MARYANNE SOPHIA BROWN eldest daughter of HENRY JAMES BROWN d Dec 18 1920 age 81 reverse In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH STEVENS third daughter of ...
  • Emily Ada Hoppett; James Hoppett
    Inscription : In Loving Memory of my dear husband JAMES HOPPETT b April 22nd 1860 d November 1st 1929 and EMILY ADA HOPPETT b Feb 10th 1873 d Jan 21st 1965
  • John Foster; Martha Foster
    Inscription : ILO JOHN FOSTER d March 24 1878 aged 50 also of MARTHA wife of the above d Dec 28 1899 aged 85
  • Arthur Westmorland; Helen Louisa Westmorland
    Inscription : In Loving Remembrance of ARTHUR WESTMORLAND LLD Fellow and Bursar of Jesus Coll b Feb 3 1820 d May 12 1886 also of HELEN LOUISA WESTMORLAND wife of the above b Jan 19 1831 d April 20 1915
  • Caroline Hulkes Stoddart; Jane Stoddart; Robert Wilson Stoddart
    Inscription : In Memory of CAROLINE HULKES wife of Revd ROBERT W STODDART BD d Jan 22 1892 age 71 also of JANE sister of Rev RW STODDART BD d Mar 1 1896 age 90 also of the Rev RW STODDART BD for 40 years vicar of Hundon Suffolk d Jul 14 1898 age 88
  • Richard Rowe
    butler of Jesus College many years Churchwarden of St Andrew the Less (on Newmarket Road, Councillor for the St Andrew’s ward, and re-elected continuously until voted Alderman of the City of Cambridge in 1868. In 1877 he was appointed Deputy Mayor