This grave was not recorded by the CFHS survey.

Naylor kerb stones August 2018


The two pieces of kerb stone show only the name of Roger but we know his brother John was also buried here, from the Grave register. The grave is in Row 15 from the west wall and a few rows north of the south path, in the parish of St Paul.

John Kingsley Naylor (1904 – 1906)  

John was buried on January 3rd aged 14 months. He lived at 19 Lynwood Road, Cambridge.

Roger Wilfred Naylor (Jan 25th 1909- 1916)

Roger was buried on July 21st aged 7 years. He lived at 49 Bateman Street, Cambridge.

John and Roger were the sons of Edward Woodall and Susan Marian Naylor. Edward was a doctor of music. Two other children who survived into old age were: Guy Darnley (born 16 Aug 1906) and Bernard Naylor (born 22 Nov 1907).


John Kingsley Naylor, Roger Wilfred Naylor