CFHS code : AG329

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : JAMES BENNET PEACE 23 April 1864 – 30 Jan 1923 Fellow of Emmanuel College 1889 – 1923 Printer to the University 1916 – 1923 MURIEL SIMONDS PEACE Feb 25 1872 – Nov 26 1944

Monument : Kerb stones

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In the parish area of St Andrew the Great, this grave is located between the west path and the west wall. The kerb stones are heavily overgrown and inaccessible.


[as recorded by the Cambridgeshire Family History Society]

‘James Bennet Peace
23 April 1864 – 30 Jan 1923
Fellow of Emmanuel College 1889–1923
Printer to the University 1916–1923’

‘Muriel Simonds Peace
Feb 25 1872 – Nov 26 1944’

James Bennett Peace (1864–1923)  Fellow of Emmanuel College for 34 years, Bursar of the College for 27 years, and Printer to the University for nine years – see also Life Story page

James Bennett Peace was born on 23 April 1864, son of a schoolmaster, in Marykirk, in Kincardineshire, Scotland. He attended Aberdeen University (1880/81), and was admitted to Emmanuel College in 1881, becoming a Scholar a year later. In mathematics Part I he was 5th Wrangler (1887); in Part II he obtained a second-class degree but stayed on to study Physics and Economics, being elected Fellow of the College in 1889.

He was married to Muriel Simonds Storrs (1872–1944), who is buried with him.  The couple lived at 1 Wollaston Road (now the drive to Hughes Hall, beside Fenners Cricket Ground). He died suddenly of heart failure on 30 January 1923 at the age of 58.

Muriel Simonds Peace (nee Storrs)(1872-1944)

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Emmanuel College Magazine xxiii (1922/23), pp. 56–60

By Amanda Goode, Archivist, Emmanuel College (with Ian Bent)

James Bennet Peace; Muriel Simonds Peace