CFHS code BE29b –  This headstone was not found at the time of the 1999 survey as it was hidden by a large tree trunk which has grown round it. It has been assigned this number by FOMRC.

Parish St Bene’t

The headstone in January 2021.


Rounded headstone partially obscured by a tree trunk and ivy located 4 rows west of the central path.


In Memory of
Edward Frances Pettit who died Jan …….  Remainder cannot be seen

Edward’s parents are also buried in this parish and they may well share this grave so we have included their details here.

The surname is variously written/transcribed as Pettitt, Pettet and Petit and Pellet

Edward Frances Pettit ( c 1844 – January 1877)

Edward was the 3rd child of William & Mary Pettit.  He was born in Kings Lane just off Trumpington St. The 19th century houses have been replaced by modern buildings. He seemed always to have lived with his parents and died in hospital at the age of 32.

William Pettit (c 1811 – 1880)

William was born in Saffron Walden.  It is not known when he came to Cambridge.
He married Mary Barnard at Great St Mary’s church Cambridge on March 23rd 1834. They were living in Brandon Place in 1837 when their daughter Sarah Ann was born and William was working as a labourer. There 2nd child Barnard was born in Gold St in 1840, William was now working as a groom. Barnard was buried in Cherry Hinton in February 1841 although the family were living in Brandon Place  in the 1841 census. By the time  Edward Francis was born in 1844 William was a groom at Kings College and the family were living in King’s Lane.  In 1851 they were still at 4 King’s Lane with 14 year old Sarah Ann and 6 year old Edward. Both Mary & William were working as college servants. Also at no.4 were Charles Pettit and his family. Charles was born in Saffron Walden and may have been a brother or cousin. Charles was a groom at Kings College Stables and had come to Cambridge in the mid 1840’s.  In1856 another daughter was baptised – Harriet Jane. In the 1861 census William was described a coachman for Kings College but something must have happened in the following 10 years as by 1871, aged 58, he was working as an assistant gardener. He died at the age of 68, in April 1880, at Guildhall Place

Mary Pettit née Banyard (c1811 – 1998)

Mary was born in Cherry Hinton. She was the daughter of Francis & Mary Banyard.  She worked as a bedmaker at Kings College. She gave birth to at least 4 children. After her husband William died she lived at 57 Eden St which is where she die aged 85.

Edward Frances Pettit