CFHS code : PL256a

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : very eroded ———- ELLEN MAY ——–also ——— ESTHER EVERSLEY ——— the beloved wife of JOHN EVERSLEY, EVALINE ROSE

Monument : small pillar

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This small pillar hidden under a tree stands next to another family monument. Photo December 2016
Ringe pillar December 2016
The inscription for for Florence in January 2020. After the monument fell.


This small pillar, hidden under a tree, stands 6 monuments from the south path and 8 rows before the turn to the central path. It is next to another, much larger, family monument, in the parish area of St Paul. The inscription is badly eroded.
Sadly this monument collapsed in 2019.



also ——— ESTHER EVERSLEY ——— the beloved wife of JOHN EVERSLEY

south face  Evaline Rose

Also of Florence Louise born April 17  died Aug 19.1876
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth”

Ringe Family

This headstone commemorates the children of John Thomas Ringe and his wife Esther [nee Hamance]. John Ringe was born in Great Tey in Essex, and married Esther at St George, Hannover Square in 1867 when he was 27 years old,  John was a railway inspector and the family  lived  on Hills Road, at 57 Jesus Lane [1871] and later at 33 Jesus Lane [1881].
Esther died in 1883 aged 48 – she is buried in the parish of All Saints
John married again in 1886 but died in July 1889 at the age of 51, his second wife Ann Fletcher Ringe née Daily died in 1898 aged 54 and is also buried in All Saints.

They had at least six children – four of whom died as babies and who are buried within this plot. As Eleanor died when they were living on Hills Road they continued to use this plot for all their babies even though they had moved over to Jesus Lane b the time little Esther died.

  • Eleanor Mary [Ellen May] (1868-1868) 5 months
  • Esther Eversley (1869-1869) 5 weeks
  • Harry William (1870-1888)  17 Harry is buried in All Saint’s parish
  • Lilian Maud (1872-1941)
  • Evaline Rose (1873-1873) 3 months
  • Florence Louise (1876-1876) 4 months

Esther Ringe died in 1883 aged 46 years old.

After her death John Ringe married again to Ann Fletcher Daily on 20th August 1886 at Holy Trinity Church in Chelsea London.  He died however less than 3 years later on 23rd July 1889 aged 46 years old.

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Eleanor Mary Ringe; Esther Eversley Ringe; Evaline Rose Ringe; Florence Louise Ringe