This grave was not found during the CFHS survey.

Southwell headstone February 2017


This headstone, in the parish area of St Paul, is located close to the south wall roughly eleven rows from the Mill Road entrance. (St Paul section A (south path to south wall)  row 11 grave number 4).  Although the headstone leans to the north, it is quite stable. The inscription is only just legible.                      


Sacred to the memory of Ann the beloved wife of Charles Southwell
Who died Oct … 1863 aged 5[3] years

Also of Charles Southwell who died Sep. 8 1881 aged 73 years

Also of Mary Ann Southwell died June 14 1926 aged 88 years

Ann Southwell (1863)

Ann was living in Queen Street, Cambridge, when she died. The parish records record her age as 52.

Charles Southwell (1881)

Charles was living in Panton Street, Cambridge when he died.

Mary Ann Southwell (1926)

Mary Ann was living at 4 Guest Road, Cambridge when she died.

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Ann Southwell; Charles Southwell; Mary Ann Southwell