CFHS code : HT229

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : WILLIAM WHITE d May 2[4] 1874 aged 76 ROBERT WHITE d May 21 187[0] aged 73

Monument : Stone cross (broken)/Coped stone

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White monument February 2017


Located roughly 12 rows west from the central path & just south of the south path, this coped stone once had a cross at one end. The cross now lies  next to the monument and appears to be intact. The inscriptions are badly eroded.


WILLIAM WHITE died May 24 1874 aged 76

ROBERT WHITE died May 21 1879 aged 73

Relationship:  Brothers and also uncles of James White Robinson.

In 1841 the brothers, aged 40 & 37 respectively, were living in Warkworth Terrace. William was by this time a shoemaker but Robert’s occupation was not given. They were looked after by housekeeper, widow, Jane Ashbolt (née White) who may have been a relation.

William White (1797 – 1874)

William was born in Norwich and baptised on February 19th 1797 at St Pauls Church. . He was the third child of William and Sarah (née Ibott). His parents had married in Cambridge at Great St Mary’s Church in 1791, It is not know why William was born in Norfolk..  William was a shoemaker but became blind in later life. He does not seem to have married. He had moved to Brunswick Place, Cambridge by 1861 where Jane Ashbolt died 3 years later. She was buried in the parish of St Andrew the Less.  He then employed Emma Lingard as his housekeeper. William’s death was announced in the paper where it stated that he was “much respected”

Robert White (1801 – 1879)

Robert was the fifth child of William and Sarah (née Ibott.) He was born on September 30th 1802 and baptised on October 24th in St Benedict’s church Cambridge. He became a shoemaker and lived with his wife Elizabeth (originally from London) at 6 Maids Causeway, Cambridge. In 1861 he was retired but was a member of the town council. By 1871 he was recorded as a property owner.

Elizabeth White Robinson née Lingard. (1810 – 1895)
Elisabeth may also be buried here but the inscription is badly eroded.
Elizabeth  Lingard married  Robert White in the parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge on June 13th 1855 .
In most Census records she is recorded as having been born in London
After Robert’s death she remained in the family home until her death in 1895 at the age of 85. The Family think that her money helped establish her nephew’s business.

by Mary Naylor

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