Parish map, Parish Plots
Map of the 13 Parish Burial areas

Our graves database contains all the information gathered during a detailed survey of Mill Road Cemetery by the Cambridge Family History Society.

Many graves have also been further researched by our History Group and include additional information from a variety of sources.

Some maps and Burial Books for Mill Road Cemetery are available at the County Archives.

Friends of Mill Road Cemetery welcome any donations via the Donate button on the Home Page (PayPal). Donations will be paid straight into the FOMRC account to help with restoration and repair of monuments. A list of these monuments can be found here.

Maps for the parish areas of St Andrew the Great, St Botolph, St Edward, St Mary the Great, St Mary the Less and St Michael are available by clicking on the Parish names in the sidebar menu.

To see all the information we have about a specific grave, type a person’s name or a part of their name into the Search window below and click Search. Every document containing the text you entered will be listed.

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