Guidance notes for individuals and organisations planning events and activities in Mill Road Cemetery

Mill Road Cemetery is a special place for remembrance, reflection, and recreation. It is also an important local resource, especially for the study of wildlife and history. Those planning events and activities must ensure that they respect the ethos and character of this space as a Christian burial ground.

If you wish to organise and event or activity, please apply for permission to the Parochial Burial Grounds Management Committee, who represent the plot-holders (the clergy of the city centre churches). Write to the Secretary, the Revd Margaret Widdess, tel. 01223 313908, before any detailed planning takes place and if possible no less than three months in advance. This is so that we can avoid clashes with other events and activities.

The City Council , responsible for maintaining the site, will be informed about all applications received.

Initially we need as much detail as possible, including:

• What? – The main content of the event or activity
• When? – Detailing full dates of both the operating/open days and also any set up and pull down days required
• Who? – The target audience and the anticipated number of attendees
• Why? – Your reason for wanting to use MRC
• Your organisational status, (i.e. individual, local community, charitable, national organisation or commercial)
• A referee that we can contact

If you have not organised an activity in the Cemetery before, or if this is a new activity planned by an established group, we shall arrange to meet you, probably on site, to discuss the details and logistics of your plans. All organisers of events and activities must keep in contact with us by e-mail in the run-up to the date, and provide a debrief report afterwards.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have any necessary legal permissions in place, such as CRB checks, public liability insurance, first aiders, etc.

Permission is granted at the discretion of the Parochial Burial Grounds Management Committee in consultation with the plot-holders if necessary, the City Council and any other interested parties.

MRC Events application form