Although the sexton’s book records clearly that the body of Phoebe Cave was buried 8 feet deep in plot 20 of row XII of the parish area of St Paul, there was no sign of a monument or marker for the grave in 1997/2001, when the Cambridgeshire Family History Society mapped and transcribed all the visible monuments in Mill Road Cemetery.

The plot is located on the eastern side of the western path as it curves north from the Lodge, and lies twenty rows east, under a large tree.  The plot should be a few feet south of Jonas Crump/Annie Wall (headstone, fallen and broken).

Phoebe Cave (c.1812‒1858)
Phoebe was born in Cambridge in about 1812, daughter of William Cave snr and Martha Cave, later of Covent Garden, Cambridge.  She is not recorded at that address or anywhere in the Mill Road area on the 1841 census, but appears there on the 1851 census, aged 39, her occupation ‛servant’.

Phoebe died unmarried on 8 May 1858, aged 46, and was buried on 12 May of that year in the parish area of St Paul, in Mill Road Cemetery, row XII, plot 20.

Sources :
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By Ian Bent and Keith Rees

Phoebe Cave