CFHS code : HT138

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ANN CRANFIELD d Dec 1[5] 1919 aged 70 also of SAMUEL CRANFIELD d Jan 20 1924 age 80

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The kerbstones in January 2022.


This set of kerbs is located in the south east corner of the parish of Holy Trinity 5 rows from the east wall and 7 monuments from the south wall. The carved inscription is very eroded. The monument is in an area that is generally left to grow wild. 


In Loving Memory Of
ANN CRANFIELD d Dec 1[5] 1919 aged 70 

Also of SAMUEL CRANFIELD d Jan 20 1924 age 80 years

Ann Cranfield (née Bailey) (1849 – 15 December 1919)

Ann was born in Berkeley, Gloucestershire and baptised there on 25 March 1849. She was the daughter of Elias and Elizabeth and grew up in the village where her father was a cordwainer/shoemaker. She married gardener Samuel Cranfield st St. Mary’s Church, Berkeley on 7 June 1869. The couple had twelve children: Mary Elizabeth (1870-1956), Ann (1871-1933), Harry (1873-1941), Samuel (1876-), Beatrice (1878-1960), Walter (1880-), Arthur (1882-1964), Alexander (1885-1948), Mabel (1888-), Leonard (1890-1974), Jessie (1892-1978) and one more child who died as an infant. The couple lived briefly in Llantwit Major, Wales where Samuel was gardener at Dowlands Castle, but had moved to Cambridge by November 1871 when daughter Ann was born. The family lived at 57 Russell Street (1881) and then 3 Coronation Street (at least 1891 onwards). Ann died at home aged 70 years old and the notice of her death in local newspapers read ‘the dearly loved wife of Samuel Cranfield. No mourning or flowers by request’.

Samuel Cranfield (1843 – 20 January  1924)

Samuel was the son of shoemaker Samuel Cranfield and his wife Mary.  He grew up on 2 Causeway Passage (1851)  and 12 James Street (1861) and by the age of 17 was working as a florist/gardener. When he married Ann in 1869 he was living in Newport, Gloucestershire.  He died at 78 Hemingford Road  aged 80 years old.

Son Leonard Cranfield was also a gardener, and in 1939 was the head gardener at the University of Cambridge (sic)

Ann and Samuel’s grandson Alexander Cranfield is also buried at Mill Road Cemetery.



Parish burial records transcribed by CFHS

by Claire Martinsen

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Ann Cranfield; Samuel Cranfield