William Crowe

d 1852

The grave of William Crowe and his wife [or sister?] Eliza can easily be missed, as it is hidden behind a huge yew tree and under strong-growing elder branches. But it’s worth a look because the tomb is so unusual.

William and Eliza Crowe
William and Eliza Crowe

Little is as yet known about the couple.

The monument

This well-preserved granite tomb, which probably has substantial footings and perhaps a vault beneath, consists of a large, three-ledged sarcophagus supported on four legs, standing on a moulded stone base with a cross on top. There are two inscriptions on opposite sides of the sarcophagus – one to William Crowe and the other to Eliza Crowe.


‘Sacred to the memory of William Crowe
Born August 22 1778 Died Nov 25 1852’

‘Sacred to the memory of Eliza Crowe
Born August 22 1784 Died September 4 1856’

William Crowe