CFHS code : PL272

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Remembrance of JOSEPH SAMUEL CROZIER d March 14 1889 in the 63rd year of his age reverse In Loving Memory of our dear sister ELIZA JULIA CROZIER d Dec 20 1930 aged 75 also AGNES BERTHA CROZIER d Apr 22 1935 aged 78

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

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Joseph Samuel Crozier (1827 – 14 March 1889)

Joseph was born in Witham in Essex, and baptised at St Nicholas’ Church there on 21 October 1827. He was the son of Joseph and Mary Crozier (sometimes also spelt Crosier). His father was a dealer, and Joseph was working as a baker from at least 1847 onwards.  He married Mary Hagreen in Newmarket in 1851 and the couple had at least seven children: Harriett Hagreen (1846-1932)*, Julia Eliza (1854-1854), Eliza Julia (1855-1930), Agnes Bertha (1857-1935), Horace James (1860-1929), Henrietta Mary (1863-1912) and Bertha Hannah (1866-1934). In 1861 the family were living in Lower Close, Norwich and Joseph was working as a railway porter, but by 1869 they had moved to Cambridge and he ran a grocery/bakery from 27 Norwich Street. He died at home aged 62 years old.

Mary Ann Crozier (née Hagreen) died at 27 Norwich Street on 17 December 1891.

* Harriet Hagreen Crozier was probably a step-daughter, but was referenced as a daughter on census records.

Eliza Julia Crozier (Julia) (c.1855 – 20 December 1930)

Julia was born in Newmarket and worked as a milliner (1881).  She did not marry and after her parents died lived with her sister Agnes (Aggie) at Norwich Street.  They took over the family bakery/grocery store and were running it with the help of Albert Hart and Hannah Starling in 1901.  Julia died at home in 1930.

Agnes Bertha Crozier  (Aggie) (1857 – 29 April 1935)

Aggie lived with her sister Julia, and died at home aged 78 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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Agnes Bertha Crozier; Eliza Julia Crozier; Joseph Samuel Crozier
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