CFHS code : PL423

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Memory of my beloved husband ARCHIBALD WILLIAM EDWARD DRAGE d May 24 1918 aged 54 also of EDWARD JACK ARCHIBALD VALENTINE DRAGE d February 10th 1900 aged 3_ also LEOPOLD LLEWELYN DRAGE d March 1st 1903 aged 11 months

Monument : Column

Above information amended from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The column is intact but the inscription is badly eroded. Photo September 2016
Drage column September 2016
Drange, south face inscription. Photo September 2016
Drage, south face inscription September 2016


The column, in the parish area of St Paul, has been restored at some point but the inscription is badly eroded.


‘In Loving Memory of my beloved husband
ARCHIBALD WILLIAM EDWARD DRAGE died May 24 1918 aged 54.

Also of EDWARD JACK ARCHIBALD VALENTINE DRAGE died February 10th 1900 aged 3_

Also LEOPOLD LLEWELYN DRAGE died March 1st 1903 aged 9 months’

Archibald William Edward Drage (c 1863 – 24 May 1918)

Archibald was born in Plumpstead, Kent and was the son of farmer William Drage. His parents appear to have both died, as he was raised in Cambridge by his uncle and aunt –  Edward and Elizabeth Clee.   Edward was a stonemason, Elizabeth a dressmaker and they raised Archibald along side their own four sons.  They lived at 2 Bakers Yard (1871) and then at 49 Coronation Street (1881).  By the age of 17 Archibald was working as a bakers errand boy.   In 1891 he was boarding at Elizabeth Blunson’s Lodging House and working as a college servant.  He married Teresa Susan Amy Clee (1872-1939) on August 23rd 1893 in St Paul’s Church, Cambridge. Teresa was the daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Clee  . On the marriage certificate Archibald was described as a 29 year old wine butler of 127 Piccadilly London. They moved to live in Battersea, London after their marriage, and in 1901 Archibald was working as a domestic butler.

They had five children: Martha Mary Josephine (1894-), Edward Jack Archibald Valentine, Harold (1900-), Leopold Llewelyn and Jack Bernard (1904-1957).  In 1903 they were living at 21 Markham Street, and by 1908 at 10 Longbeach Road, Lavender Hill in Battersea.  In the census of 1911 Archibald was described as a wine butler.  He died at his home in May 1918 aged 54 years old.

Edward Jack Archibald Valentine Drage (1896-1900)

Born in London and the eldest son of Archibald and Teresa Drage. He was 3 years 6 months old when he died.

Leopold Llewelyn Drage (1902-1903)

Leopold was the fourth child of Archibald and Teresa Drage and died at Markham Street aged 9 months old.

Teresa continued to live at Longbeach Road until at least 1919. On 22 March 1919  her daughter Martha Mary married Canadian Wilbrod Parant (1876-) at St Barnabas Church in Battersea.  Martha and Wilbrod emigrated to Canada in July of 1919 and her mother and brothers followed in August 1922. Teresa died in Montreal in December 1939 and is buried there.



by Claire Martinsen

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Archibald William Edward Drage; Edward Jack Archibald Valentine Drage; Leopold Llewelyn Drage