Frank Hart Elwin (c1874-1919) served in France in the Royal Army Medical Corps and died on 29 April 1919 aged 45, following active service. The inscription states that he died ‘peacefully’.

Frank Hart Elwin was born in 1874 in Dover to William Hart Elwin and Catherine E Elwin. He lived in Peckham and worked as a salesman until he was conscripted into the army on 30 May 1918. He was appointed to the Royal Army Medical Corps and worked as a driver.

He married Florence Alice Metcalfe on 30 July 1918. By 1920, she was living in Petersfield, Cambridge.

Frank Hart Elwin was sent home from France with fever and loss of memory. He was admitted to University College Hospital. The medical report on his death was as follows: ‘Complained of failure of memory and insomnia with headache and general weakness. Had a curious tendency to turn to the right. Speech tremulous… Concentric limitation of vision for all colours, more marked on right than left side. Severe frontal headache. Has had several attacks of vomiting. Pulse rate normal… On admission to University College Hospital complained of intense headache. Vomited three times; marked tremor of both arms. At 3 am on 29/4/1919 patient had a sudden attack of dyspnoea [breathlessness] and died almost immediately.’ After his death it was discovered that he had a brain tumour.

After he died, his widow received a pension of 20s a week. She was sent his effects. They were a bag, a razor strop, a razor in case, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, a denture, handkerchief, a pencil, soap box and a box of tooth powder.

Elwin grave
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Lat Lon : 52.203384, 0.13780122 – click here for location

Parish : St Andrew the Less

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1891, 1901 and 1911 census
Service Record for Frank Hart Elwin, accessed through Lives of the First World War
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by Ian Bent, Jo Costin, Alexander Ogunbode

Frank Hart Elwin