CFHS code : HS49

Parish : Holy Sepulchre

Inscription : IERO ROBERT WILLIAM FLACK b Oct 26 1816 d March 2 1866 also ANN MARIA wife of above b Oct 25 1816 d July 24 1855 also MARY daughter of above line illegible also In Memory of SARAH FLACK daughter of ROBERT WILLIAM and ANN MARIA FLACK b April 19 1852 d August 21 1927 also ELIZABETH FLACK wife of HUGH WILLIAM FLACK d May 16 1929 age 76

Monument : Headstone

Above information amended from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202456, 0.13739083 – click here for location

The inscription on the west face
Flack headstone May 2018


This headstone, located on the northern boarder of the parish area of Holy Sepulchre, is midway between the central and east paths. It broke in 2016. The carved inscription on the west face is still legible but now lies face down the inscription on the east face is weathered and difficult to read.


east face
In E….  Remembrance Of ROBERT WILLIAM FLACK b Oct 26 1816 d March 2 1866

Also ANN MARIA wife of above b Oct 25 1816 d July 24 1855

Also MARY daughter of above
line illegible

west face
Also In Memory of SARAH FLACK daughter of
ROBERT WILLIAM and ANN MARIA FLACK born April 19 1852 died August 21 1927

“At Rest”

Also ELIZABETH FLACK wife of HUGH WILLIAM FLACK died May 16 1929 age 76 years.

Robert William Flack (26 October 1816 – 2 March 1866)

Robert was born in Stow-cum-Quy (a village four miles north east of Cambridge) and was the son of John and Mary.  He married Ann Maria Muggleton in the village on 13 January 1842 and the couple moved to 4 St. John’s Street Cambridge where Robert worked as a shoemaker.  They had at least seven children: Henry John (1842-1903), Mary (1844-1916), Elizabeth (1847-1855), Louisa Ann (1849-1931), Robert Charles (1850-1927), Sarah (1852-1927) and Hugh William (1854-1948).  In 1861 he was widowed and living with three of his children at St John’s Street, but later appears to have moved to Green Street.

Robert died aged 50 years at Green Street and an inquest was held into his death.  He had gone to bed around 11.30om ‘in his usual health and soon after his son who was sleeping with him called his sister into the room, when deceased appeared to be suffocating and said he was choked’.  The doctor was called for but Robert had died by the time Dr. Ransom arrived.  The doctor found the cause to be ‘a diseased state of the brain connected with disease of the heart’.

Ann Maria Flack (25 October 1816 – 24 July 1855)

Ann was also born in Stow-cum-Quy and was the daughter of builder Henry and his wife Eleanor.  She died aged 38 years old at 4 St. John’s Street.

Mary Flack (1844 – 26 December 1916)

Mary was the eldest daughter of Robert and Ann and was born in Stow-cum-Quy.  She was baptised there on 15 December 1844 and grew up at St. John’s Street and later 23 Green Street,  After the death of her parents she looked after her siblings at Green Street (1871/1881) before then running a Lodging House from the address (1891). By 1901 she had moved to 4 Wray’s Court and was lodging with widow Martha Rowe before later moving to live alone at 29 Jesus Lane.

She was found dead by her sister Sarah on Boxing Day 1916. Sarah had taken her some Christmas food on 23 December and Mary had been well but Sarah had noticed her voice was a little different.  When she called again on Boxing day there was no answer, and she had called twice before then getting help to break into the house on Jesus Lane.  She found her sister dead in an armchair.  An inquest was held which found that ‘the heart was fat and flabby, and the lungs were congested.  Death was due to heart failure brought on by congestion of the lungs and fatty degeneration of the heart’.

Sarah Flack (19 April 1852 – 21 August 1927)

Sarah was born in Cambridge and baptised on 16 May 1852.  She did not grow up with her parents and siblings but with her aunt Ann Fables (1810-) who ran a Boarding School in Milton (1861).  By the age of 18 she was assisting Anne in the school and working as a teacher.   She remained at the school until at least 1881.  In 1911 she was living at 11 Earl Street where she ran a Lodging House and later moved to 90 King Street.  Sarah died at Mill Road Infirmary aged 75 years old.

Elizabeth Flack (née Starling) (1853 – 16 May 1929)

Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth and grew up at 6 Wray’s Court where her father was a shoemaker. She married Hugh William Flack (1854-1948) in 1884 when she was 31 years old and they went to live at Victoria Road (1891).   Hugh was a printer when they first married but later worked as a baker from 20 Histon Road (at least 1901 onwards).  Elizabeth and Hugh had seven children: Robert Charles (1885-1915), Hugh William (1886-1943), Margaret Elizabeth (1887-1986), Frederick John (1888-1916), Helena Mary (1890-1960), Herbert George (1895-1986) and one more child who died as an infant.  She died at Histon Road aged 76 years old.

Hugh Flack died at Histon Road in November 1848.



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