CFHS code : MC63

Parish : St Michael

Inscription : In Loving Memory of HARRIET wife of RICHARD HUTT [January] 19 1885

Monument : Stone cross (base only)

Above information amended from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202598, 0.13752932 – click here for location

Hutt grave
Hutt monument


This rectangular plinth stands 1 row east of the centre circle on the south border of the parish. Very little of the inscription remains.


In Loving Memory of HARRIET wife of RICHARD HUTT January 19 1885

From the parish grave register we  know that Helen and Richard Hutt are also buried in this grave plot.

Richard Hutt (c.1798 – 7 September 1879)

Richard was born in Cambridge and worked as a bookseller and lived in Rose Crescent. He married Elizabeth Wayman (1797-1837) on 16 October 1821 and the couple had at least nine children: Rev. William Wayman (1822-1894), Rev. Charles John (1824-1881), Mary Ann (1825-1831), James Henry (1827-1866), Alfred Richard (1829-1829), Rev. Richard Goode (1832-1902), Sarah Faith (1832-1832), John Stephen (1835-1882) and Samuel Wayman (1837-1837).  Elizabeth died giving birth to their youngest son Samuel on 12 January 1837 and was buried in the grave yard of St. Michael’s Church.  Samuel Hutt died on 24 March 1837 aged 10 weeks and was buried in the same grave as his mother.

Richard then married Harriet Granger on 26 June 1838 at Haddenham and moved to 29 Trinity Street where Richard carried on his profession  of bookseller. The couple had at least eight children: Harriett Sophia (1839-1935), Catherine Martha (1841-1918), Eliza Ann (1842-1921), Emma Sarah (1843), Helen Ruth (1845-1862), Rev. Thomas Granger (1848-1884), Alfred Granger (1850-1892) and Francis Granger (1851-1889).   Richard worked as an apparitor (representative) of  the Deanery of Stowe along side his book selling business.  He died at Trinity Street aged 81 years old, and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 12 September 1879.

Harriet Hutt  (née Granger) (1811 – 19 January 1885)

Harriet was the daughter of William and Mary Granger and was born in Haddenham, near Ely.  She was baptised in Haddenham on 19 May 1811 and married widower Richard Hutt when she was 27 years old.  She continued to live at 29 Trinity Street after she was widowed and in 1881 was running the business with son Francis and step son John.  

Harriet  died at home aged 74 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 22 January.

Helen Ruth Hutt (1845 – 28 May 1862)

Helen was the youngest daughter of Richard and Harriet. She was baptised on 21 June 1846 and died at 29 Trinity Street aged 17 years old.  Helen was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 2 June.

Eliza Ann Hutt (1842 – 1921)  although not mentioned in the grave register Elisa was also buried in this parish.

An advert for Elisa’s school in 1910.

After Harriet’s death  Eliza ran a boarding school from the old family home and 43 Sidney St. One of her pupils was Percy John Spalding who is also buried in Mill Road cemetery. Catherine the 2nd daughter also ran a school, in Regent St.  By 1901 Eliza’s school had moved to Lyndewode House, 19, Lyndewode Road. It now catered only for boys who were expected to go onto grammar school. She was still running the school in 1911 and died at 154 Tennison Rd at the age of 79.



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Eliza Hutt; Harriet Hutt; Helen Ruth Hutt; Richard Hutt