CFHS code : PL308

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Ever Loving Memory of our dear child DUDLEY WJ KING d Jan 13 1917 aged 8_ ARTHUR HARRY KING d Feb 19 1956 aged 72 In Memory of A dear wife and mother ANNIE M KING d Dec 12 1937 aged 54

Monument : Stone cross/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

It is still possible to read most of the inscription on the 3 tiers of the plinth.
King monument
King PL308 ins
King inscriptions


It is still possible to read some of the inscription on the three tiers of the plinth, which is located in the parish area of St Paul.


‘In Ever Loving Memory of our dear child
DUDLEY WJ KING died Jan 13 1917 aged 8 years.

ARTHUR HARRY KING died Feb 19 1956 aged 72 years.

In Memory of a dear wife and mother ANNIE M KING died Dec 12 1937 aged 54 years.’

Arthur Harry King (14 February 1881 – 19 February 1956)

Arthur was the son of Edward and Harriet King. He was born in Grantchester and grew up at 1 Charterhouse Terrace [1881] and then at Selwyn Terrace [1891/1901].  Edward King was a coal porter, and later an agricultural labourer and then a corn miller’s porter.  By the age of 20 [1901] Arthur was still living at home and working as a milkman.

He married Annie Nightingale in 1905 when he was 24 years old.  They had at least four children: George Arthur Edward [1907-1979], Dudley Walter James [1908-1917], Amy Mary Grace [1912-2005] and Eric Arthur [1920-2000].

Arthur was working as a chauffeur to Professor Edward Browne in 1911, and the family were living in Coton.  Professor Browne was an oriental expert and fellow of Pembroke College who lived at Firwood on Trumpington Road.  Arthur and his family lived for a few years at 10 Princes Street in the centre of Cambridge [c1915-1920].  By 1920 they had moved to Greenside, High Street, Trumpington.  Professor Browne had the house built in  to house his chauffeur and head gardener.  Arthur lived at Greenside for the rest of his life.

“A King driving a Prince”. Arthur Harry King and Professor Browne, seen here with the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII).

He was widowed aged 56 years old.  By 1939 he was a bus driver, and was living with his two youngest children at Greenside.  He died aged 75 years old in 1956.

NB – the grave monument shows some discrepancy with regard to age, and is at odds with the official documentation throughout his life.

Dudley Walter James King (1908 – 13 January 1917)

Dudley was born in Coton in mid 1908. He died at 10 Princes Street aged 8 years old.

Annie Minnie King [nee Nightingale]  (1883 – 12 December 1937)

Annie was the daughter of single mother Susan Nightingale.  She was born in Coton, and grew up on Main Street in Coton with her mother and grandmother Dinah Nightingale.  Susan was a washerwoman and Dinah was a widow who lived on parish funds. Aged 18 [1901] she was living with her mother on Cambridge Road in Coton and working as a domestic cook.  She married aged 22 years old.

In the census of 1911 the family were living in Coton, and although Annie is not stated with an occupation they had two boarders living with them. Annie died aged 54 years old in 1937 at Greenside.

Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry/Newspaper archives

Many thanks to Audrey King for the use of the photo of Arthur King and Edward VIII. More of her extraordinary memories can be read on the Trumpington Local History Group website.

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Annie Minnie King; Arthur Harry King; Dudley Walter James King