Parish: St Paul

Row 10 plot 32a This grave has no monument but there are family monument nearby. The grave register and parish register were used to identify tis grave.

The Scarr family monuments and Reynolds grave site. Picture taken in 2014.

Relationship: Mother, son and daughter in law

Mary Reynolds (1789 – January 1875)
Mary was born in Petham, Kent and married Henry Reynolds. They had at least two sons, both of whom were born in Godmanchester: John (1810-) and Thomas (1817-1885).  She  died at Panton Street aged 85 years old and was buried on 28 January.

Thomas Reynolds (c.1817 – 1885)
Thomas was born in Godmanchester and married Mary. They had at least six children: Mary Ann (Annie) (1837-1902), Charlotte (1839-1870), William (1843-), Martha Alix (1847-1924) and Thomas (1850-). Thomas was a butler and frequently lived separately to his family. In 1851 he was working for the the Veasey family at Castle Hill House, Huntingdon; David Veasey was a magistrate and banker. By 1861 he was butler to widow Louisa Haviland, who lived at Trumpington Street.  Thomas later worked as doorkeeper of the Fitzwilliam Museum and lived with Mary and three of his children at 27 Panton Street (at least 1871 onwards). He died at home aged 68 years old and his funeral took place on 3 October. 

Mary Reynolds (1815 – 17 May 1887)
Mary  was born in Bottisham and lived at St. Mary’s Lane, Huntingdon (1851) and Saxon Street (1861) whilst Thomas worked as a butler. From at least 1871 they lived together at Panton Street. Mary died at The Hermitage, Pemberton Terrace  aged 72 years old and her funeral was held on 21 May.




Newspaper archives

Parish burial records transcirbed by CFHS


by Mary Naylor with additional information by Claire Martinsen


Mary Reynolds; Mary Reynolds; Thomas Reynolds