CFHS code : AG265

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : In Loving Memory of HARRIET ADDIS NICHOLS fourth daughter of the late LAND NICHOLS d April 3 1912 aged 75 SARAH ANN NICHOLS b Sep 1st 1830 d March 11th 1914 LOUISA NICHOLS d Sept 22nd 1913 aged 76

Monument : Stone cross

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203014, 0.13640776 – click here for location

Harriet’s inscription on the east face.
Sarah Ann’s inscription on the south face. Photo taken February 2021


This plinth stands 2 rows from the west wall opposite the east west path from the centre circle. It cannot be seen from the west path being hidden by trees & bushes. The cross lies to the east of the plinth and appears to be intact. The inscriptions of metal letters are intact.
1 row to the west is the monument of Frances Cartmell wife to the master of Christ’s College who the Nichols sisters would have known well.


east face

fourth daughter of the late LAND NICHOLS
died April 3 1912 aged 75 years

“Peace Perfect Peace” 

north face
LOUISA NICHOLS died Sept 22nd 1913 aged 76 years

south face
SARAH ANN NICHOLS born Sep 1st 1830 died March 11th 1914
“She hath done what she could”

Relationships – sisters who all died at the family home 12 Christ’s Lane.

Harriet Addis Nichols (1835 – 1912)

Harriet was the 4th daughter of Land & Sarah Nichols. She grew up with her 6 sisters in the porter’s lodge at Christ’s College and then 12 Christ’s Lane. In 1871 she was listed as a butler at the college – a role she appears to have shared with her sister Sarah Ann.

Louisa Nichols (1837 – 1913)

Louisa was the 5th daughter of Land & Sarah Nichols

Sarah Ann Nichols (1830-1914)

Sarah was the eldest daughter of Land and Sarah Nichols. She was butler at Christ’s College for 49 years retiring in 1900. She died at the age of 83.

Land (1798 – 1848) and Sarah née Walker (1802 – 1851) were married on August 5th 1829 at the church of St Andrew the Great. They lived in the porters lodge at Christs College where they brought up their 7 daughters – Sarah Ann (1831), Mary Elizabeth  (1832), Emma (1833 – 1854), Harriet Adddis (1835), Louisa (1837), Isabella (1839) and Fanny (1841). 

Land became Christ’s College butler before he died. His brother Thomas having taken over as porter. The family then moved to a college property at 12 Christ’s Lane. After Land’s death his widow,  Sarah, took over the role of butler and when she died in 1851 her daughter Sarah Ann filled the role for the next 49 years.

Land, Sarah and daughter Emma are buried in Trumpington which is where he was born and still had living relatives.  Also the burial ground round the church of St Andrew the Great was already full by the time he died and Mill Road Cemetery had not yet been consecrated.

After Land’s death his brother Thomas became porter at the college and in 1851  lived in the porter’s lodge with his niece Mary Elizabeth.

By Mary Naylor


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Harriet Addis Nichols; Louisa Nichols; Sarah Ann Nichols