CFHS code : AS105

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Loving Memory of / FRANÇOISE FULLER PORCHERON / b Dec 27 1862 / d May 17 1881 / In Loving Memory of / CHARLOTTE / the dearly beloved wife of / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Feb 5 1892 / age 63 / also / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Nov 6 1893 / age 75 / also of / PIERRE EMILE PORCHERON / d May 26 1900 age 38

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.2036, 0.13678715 – click here for location

This headstone is well preserved. It is in an area of the cemetery that is hard to access.
Porcheron headstone


This headstone, in the parish area of  All Saints, is well preserved. It is in an area of the cemetery that is difficult to access.


‘In Loving Memory of ‘Francois Fuller Porcheron born Dec 27 1862 died May 17 1881′

In Loving Memory of Charlotte the dearly beloved wife of Antoine Emile Porcheron
departed this life Feb. 5. 1892 aged 63’

“So tired, Lord – but not too tired
To place my hand in thine,
To Lay my hand upon thy breast,
And know thy love is mine.”

‘Also of  Antoine Emile Porcheron who died November 6. 1893  aged 75’

“Rock of ages cleft-for me
Let me hide myself in thee.”

‘Also of Pierre Emile Porcheron who passed away May 26 1900 aged 38’

Relationships:  Antoine and Charlotte were the parents of Francoise and Pierre.

Francoise Fuller Porcheron (1862-1881)

Francoise was the youngest daughter of Antoine and Charlotte Porcheron. She was living at the family home at 48 Jesus Lane when the census was taken on 3rd April 1881, and wasn’t listed with an occupation. She died on 17 May in Docking, Norfolk aged 19.

Charlotte Porcheron (née Fuller) (1829 – 1892) 

Charlotte was the daughter of John and Charlotte Fuller. She grew up on 152 Jesus Lane in Cambridge where her father was a cook, as was her mother and two of her brothers. She married Antoine at the age of 28. After living for much of her married life at 48 Jesus Lane, she died in 1892 aged 52 at 31 Jesus Lane.

Charlotte was living in Jesus Lane, Cambridge when she died in 1892.

Antoine Emile Porcheron (1822 – 1893) 

Antoine Emile was the son of Peter and Francoise Porcheron. They were a Huguenot family. He was born in Paris but was living in England by the age of 29 where he was a cook at the Union Club in Manchester. He married Charlotte Fuller at St Andrews Church on 15 July 1857.They had at least four children together Charlotte Fuller (1859 – 1932), Pierre Emile, Francoise Fuller and Antoine Louis (1867 – 1895). Antoine worked as a college cook and the family grew up at in Jesus Lane.It is understood that the family spoke French at home. Certainly their daughter Charlotte continued to speak French after her marriage to Frederick Potts.
On the 1861, 1871 and 1881 he is described as a college cook, but by 1891 was described as a Livery stable keeper and living at 31 Jesus Lane. In February 1893 he was the plaintive in a case against an undergraduate. The young man had hired a horse and carriage and his negligent driving had caused an accident which resulted in the horse, named Sailor, having to be put down. The horse was valued at £40. It was thought the student had been drinking. Mr Porcheron won the case.

As well as his home at 31 Jesus Lane he owned property in Mawson Road and Station Road. He died in November 1893, leaving effects of £6,236 and was described as a gentleman by profession.

His son Antoine Louis took over the livery stable business, but he died less than 2 years after his father in October 1895 and is buried in the parish of St Pauls.

Charles Adolphe Bruvet was also a college cook and contemporary of Antoine Emile.

Pierre Emile Porcheron (1861 – 1900)

Pierre was eldest son of Antoine and Charlotte Porcheron.  He was born 3rd October and baptised at All Saints Church on 15th December 1861. Aged 19 he was working as a cook like his father. Aged 29 he was working as a groom in his father’s livery stable. In 1890 he was listed as having stables in Trinity Street. He died in 1900 in London and was living at 44 Tavisden Road, Dartmouth Park Hill at the time of his death.

This inkwell was presented to a member of the family from Corpus Christi College.

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Antoine Emile Porcheron; Charlotte Porcheron; Francoise Fuller Porcheron; Pierre Emile Porcheron