CFHS code : AG151

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : EVELYN MAY RUNHAM 1908 JAMES RUNHAM d Dec 29th 1934 aged 66 ELLEN ELIZABETH RUNHAM d Dec 14 1939 aged 72

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202819, 0.13673502 – click here for location

Runham kerb stones December 2018


These kerb stones, in the parish area of St Andrew the Great, are located just south of the path to the centre circle, under a large tree.



JAMES RUNHAM died Dec 29th 1934. Aged 66 years

ELLEN ELIZABETH RUNHAM died Dec 14 1939. Aged 72 years

Relationship: Husband, wife and baby daughter.

Evelyn May Runham (1906 – May 1908)

Evelyn died at 65 Eden Street when she was 2 years old. She was buried on May 11th at Mill Road Cemetery.

James Runham (c.1868 – 29 December 1934)

James was the son of bricklayer James Runham and his wife Susannah.  He was baptised in Chesterton on 9 February 1868.  He grew up on Chesterton High Street (1871) and later at 3 Honey Hill (1881).   He later became a valet, and worked for Charles and Olivia Kerr.  By 1899 he had returned to live in Cambridge and married Ellen Lambert that year.   James and Ellen had two children: Charles James (1903-1972) and Evelyn May.

James became a college servant.  In 1901 he and Ellen were living at 55 St Andrew’s Street, and he was a porter at Emmanuel College, and lodge house keeper.  By at least 1908 the family were living at 65 Eden Street.  The census of 1911 described James as a college servant – chapel clerk, gyp, lecture room attendant and waiter.   A gyp was a type of college servant  who worked for several students, doing tasks such as fetching parcels and brushing their clothes. James died at Eden Street in December 1934 aged 66 years old. He was buried on January 1st 1935.

Ellen Elizabeth Runham (née Lambert) (19 December 1866 – 14 December 1939)

Ellen was the daughter of Charles and Ann Lambert. She grew up with her parents and siblings at 15 Newnham and Charles Lambert worked as a miller.  She married in 1899 aged 31 years old.  After being widowed she continued to live at 65 Eden Street.  Her son Charles and daughter in law Ivy lived two doors away at 67 Eden Street (1939).  She died at home aged 72 years old and was buried on 18 December 1939 at Mill Road Cemetery.



by Mary Naylor and Claire Martinsen

Ellen Elizabeth Runham; Evelyn May Runham; James Runham