John Stubblefield (1842-1923), head gardener of Emmanuel College.


John Stubblefield was born in the village of Newton, south of Cambridge. By 1877 he was named ‘upper gardener’ at a wage of 27 shillings a week (= £70 a year). He and his wife Sarah lived at 3 Drummer Street in central Cambridge. In 1896, he was one of the judges of the Cambridge Florists’ Society’s Annual Show and won prizes for several of his flowers. In 1899, his wages were raised to £84 a year.

His College obituary describes him as having been the ‘head gardener for half a century’. It states also that after retirement from College service he continued to act as a member of the Cambridge Board of Guardians and as a sidesman at the church of St Andrew the Great.

He died on January 26, 1923, and was buried on January 29. The inscription tells us that he was married twice, first to Sarah, and after her death in 1892 to ‘S A E’, who was younger than his first wife and lived beyond the age of 100.

Stubblefield grave
Stubblefield kerbstones



Parish : St Andrew the Great

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Emmanuel College Magazine, vol. xxiii (1922/23), p. 61

By Amanda Goode, Archivist, Emmanuel College (with Ian Bent)

John Stubblefield