CFHS code : PL542

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Memory of HAROLD ERIC SUTTLE d Aug 4 1936 age 5 years 7 months WILLIAM JOHN SUTTLE d Oct 27 1963 age 67 also DAISY LAVINIA SUTTLE d 21 Aug 1986 age 84

Monument : Ground slab/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



William John Suttle (20 September 1896 – 27 October 1963)

William was the son of George and Mary Suttle and was born in Cambridge.  His father worked on the railway and he was raised at Chesterton Railway Junction, where the railway seems to have had many of its workers living. In 1911 William was 14 years old and he was working as a telegraph lad, also for G.E.R [Great Eastern Railway].

On 3rd November 1916 he enlisted for the army, and served with the Royal Engineers. He was discharged on 24th June 1919 for the reason of ‘sickness’.  The following year he was awarded the Silver Star Medal, which was reserved for soldiers who had fought during the war and had been discharged due to wounds or illness.  He returned to live at Chesterton Junction, and was living there in 1920.

He married Daisy Lavinia Stebbing in 1925, when he was 29 years old.    They had at least tow children: Joan E [1926-] and Harold Eric [1931-1936].

William worked as a railway guard and the family lived at 370 Mill Road [1939]. He was still resident at 370 Mill Road when he died at Chesterton Hospital in October 1963.

Harold Eric Suttle (1931 – 4 August 1936)

Harold was the son of William and Daisy Suttle and died aged 5 years old in the summer of 1936.

Daisy Lavinia Suttle [nee Stebbing] (16 September 1901 – 21 August 1986)

Daisy was born in Colchester and grew up at 14 East Street in Colchester.  Her parents were John and Emily Stebbing, and John was a herbalist.  She married William Suttle in Cambridge when she was 24 years old.

After being widowed she continued to live at 370 Mill Road with daughter Joan.  She was still living with Joan in 1967, which is the year that Joan married widower Stanley Hawkes [1910-1976].  Joan and Daisy then moved to live at Stanleys home at 50 Greville Road. Daisy outlived her son-in-law and died at 50 Greville Road in 1986.

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by Claire Martinsen

Daisy Lavinia Suttle; Harold Eric Suttle; William John Suttle