CFHS code : AG194

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of WALTER TOOKEY d Oct 31st 1927 aged 74 also TOM TOOKEY d Oct 16th 1947 CAROLINE TOOKEY d July 4th 1935 aged 80

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202892, 0.13666536 – click here for location

Tookey kerb stones January 2019

On the south corner of the east/west path, where it meets the west path.


Sacred to the Memory of 

CAROLINE TOOKEY died July 4th 1935 aged 80

Also TOM TOOKEY died Oct 16th 1947 

WALTER TOOKEY died Oct 31st 1927 aged 74 years

Relationship: Father, mother and son

Walter  Tookey (1853 – 31 October 1927)

Walter was born in Bassingbourn and was the son of Thomas and Sarah Tookey.  Thomas Tookey was an agricultural labourer. By the age of 19 (1871) Walter was living on the High Street in Guilden Morden and working as an apprentice builder to James Pravell. He married Carrie Charter in 1876.  Walter and Carrie had at least eight children: Thomas Walter (1880-1881), Elizabeth (1881-), Tom (1883-1947), Ernest (1887-), Laura (1887-1953), Annie (1889-1858),William Ewart Gladstone (1891-1967) and Arthur E (1894-1894)

Walter worked as a carpenter and the family lived at 8 York Terrace (1881), 54 Kington Street (1891) and then 123 Gwydir Street (at least 1901 onwards). The family worshiped at the Zion Baptist Church and all the Tookey children were part of the Sunday school at the church.  Walter was a keen gardener and the newspapers of the time celebrated the numerous prizes which he won.  For example at the 1887 Cambridge Working Men’s Liberal Club Annual Show he won prizes for his six autumn sown onions, six spring shown onions, six coloured kidney potatoes, six coloured round potatoes, six white round potatoes and six horn carrots. Walter died at 123 Gwydir Street aged 74 years old.

Caroline Tookey (née Charter) (c.1855 – 4 July 1935)

Caroline appears to have been known as Carrie through her life. She was born in Steeple Morden, a small village 15 miles south west of Cambridge.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Charter.  Thomas was a carpenter and died when Carrie was young.  She grew up with her widowed mother in Steeple Morden, where Elizabeth Charter worked as a dressmaker. Aged 16 she was living with her brother and sister in Cambridge and working as a ‘straw worker’. She married Walter Tookey when she was 21 years old.

After she was widowed she continued to live at 123 Gwydir Street, and died there aged 80 years old.

Tom Tookey (1 April 1883 – 16 October 1947)

Tom was the third child of Walter and Carrie Tookey.  By the age of 18 (1901) he was working as a carpenter’s apprentice to his father.  His name appeared in the Cambridge newspapers the following year in conjunction with a prosecution of Charles Wright, the landlord of the Locomotive pub on Mill Road.  Charles was accused of having sold alcohol after closing hours and Tom was one of the men found drinking on the premises after closing hours. When the census of 1911 was taken Tom was living in Turville in Buckinghamshire as a lodger, and working as a joiner.  He returned to Cambridge and married Lilian Hume (1882-1973) later that same year.  Tom and Lilian had at least one daughter: Doris Bessie (1916-1997) and lived at 41 Kingston Street after getting married.

By 1939 he was working as a college porter and was still living at Kingston Street. He died aged 64 years old at Addenbrookes Hospital.



Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen

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Caroline Tookey; Tom Tookey; Walter Tookey