CFHS code : PL500

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : JOHN WESTLAKE late of Lostwithiel Cornwall d July 1 1849 age 70

Monument : Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Moss and Lichen cover a lot of this monument. Photo July 2016
Westlake monument July 2016


This coped stone, in the parish area of St Paul, is located five rows east of the western path towards the north of the parish.  Moss and lichen cover a lot of this monument.


John Westlake late of Lostwithiel Cornwall died July 1 1849 age 70

John Westlake (17 August 1778 – 1 July 1849)

John was the  son of William and Elizabeth Westlake and was born and raised in Lostwithiel, on the River Fowey, Cornwall. He married Eleanor (1799-1866) and they had two children: Mary Elizabeth (1827-1854) and John (1828-1913).  John worked as a woolstapler- a dealer in wool who buys fleeces from farmers and sorts/grades them before selling them on.  His son John went up to Trinity College in 1846, which is probably what brought John and Eleanor to the town. He died at 39 Hills Road and newspaper announcements of his death read ‘deeply lamented by all who knew his worth, John Westlake, Esq, late of Lostwithiel, Cornwall’.  He is also commerated  at St. Bartholemew’s Church, Lostwithiel.

Eleanor Westlake continued to live at Hills Road until at least 1851 and then moved to 49 Doughty Street with her son John who was a barrister (1861).  The pair later moved to 16 Oxford Square where she died aged 66 years old.

John and Eleanor’s son John married Alice Hare, the artist and suffragist. He was an MP and Professor of International Law at Cambridge University.



Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen

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John Westlake