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The kerbstones in September 2018.


The kerb stones and flower holder, in the parish area of St Clement, are located three rows west of the east path.


To the loving memory of our dear father and mother

Stephen Fuller died March 7th 1929 aged 70 years

Harriet Martha Goode Fuller died March 8th 1929 aged 80 years

Stephen Fuller (1858 – 7 March 1929)

Stephen was born in Brighton and baptised at St. John’s Church on 5 September 1858. He was the eldest son of Stephen and Charlotte (née Jenner) and grew up in the Kemp Town part of Brighton where his father was a carpenter. Aged 22 (1881) he was living in Brighton and working as a waiter in a hotel. He married Harriet Readhead in Cambridge in 1884 and they had three children:  Arthur Stephen (1885-1966), Beatrice Louise (1887-1963) and Winifred May (1892-1981). The family lived at 56 Bridge Street (1891/1901) where he had a china/glass shop and also ran a lodging house before moving to live at 23 Park Parade (1911) where he and Harriet ran a Lodging House together.

Harriet Martha Goode Fuller (née Readhead) (1848 – 8 March1929)

Harriet  was the daughter of Ambrose Goode Readhead and Elizabeth (née Baldrey) and grew up at Bradmore Street and 26 City Road (at least 1861 onwards). Ambrose worked as a printer at the Pitt Press and Harriet was a dressmaker prior to her marriage to Stephen Fuller.  She died the day after her husband at the age of 80 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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Harriet Martha Goode Fuller; Stephen Fuller