Parish: St Andrew the Less

This grave was not located by CFHS in 2000, but we know from Parish records that the sisters were buried in Mill Road Cemetery.

Harriet Wenham Green (11 February 1832 – 16 January 1906)

Harriet was born in London and baptised at St. James’ Church, Westminster on 7 March 1832. She was the eldest child of John and Harriet (née Wenham) Green. Her father ran a grocer/drapers shop in Duxford (1841) and then a Lodging house at 26 Regent Street (1851). In 1861 John Green was the assistant curator of the Fitzwilliam Museum and Harriet was living at Regent Street with her parents and sisters Catherine and Mary. All three sisters were working as a governesses. By 1871 Harriet and Mary were running a school from 7 Park Terrace. In 1881 she was running a school from 11 Parkside. There is no record of her on the 1891 census.

By 1901 she had retired and was living at 6 Willis Road with her sisters Mary and Catherine. All were described as ‘living on their own means’ and were living with domestic servant Agnes Leven who was 17 years old. Harriet died at Willis Road at the age of 73 years.

Catherine Anne Green (1844 – 24 May 1918)

Catherine was born in Duxford and in 1861/1871 was working as a governess and living in Cambridge. In 1881 she was living at Bramblehurst, East Grinstead, and working as governess for the children of Charles and Louisa Bell. By 1891 Catherine and sister Elizabeth were both at 11 Parkside and running the school there – it is likely that the three sisters ran the school together.

Catherine also moved to 6 Willis Road and died there aged c.74 years old.

Mary Elizabeth Green (3 October 1835 – 22 June 1926)

Mary was born in London and baptised at St James’ Church, Westminster on 21 October 1835. She also worked as a teacher and taught at 7 Parkside (1871) and then 11 Parkside (1881). She died at Willis Road aged 90 years old.

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Catherine Anne Green; Harriet Wenham Green; Mary Elizabeth Green