Sarah Woods; Thomas Woods

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SARAH the beloved wife of Thomas Woods,who died March 13 1889, aged 64 years. “Friendless no, not friendless. For Jesus is my friend;I change. But He remaineth True, faithful to the end. Happy? Yes, so happy,With joy too deep for words. A precious, sure foundation. A joy that is my Lord’s. Also THOMAS WOODS.husband of the above who died March 19.. 1904. Aged 78 years

Augustus John Maltby; Charlotte Susannah Maltby; Elizabeth Eleanor Maltby; William Maltby

Inscription : CHARLOTTE S MALTBY daughter of WILLIAM & ELIZ ELEANOR MALTBY b October [3rd or 5th] [1852 or 1862] d March 9 1876 also the above named ELIZ ELEANOR MALTBY b Jan 12th 1822 d Nov 10 1883 a loving wife and mother and a faithful friend also AUGUSTUS JOHN MALTBY b Dec 19 1856 d Sep 7 1887 also WILLIAM MALTBY d March 11th 1907 aged 80

Emma Benfield; John Wallis Blinkhorn; John Wallis; Sarah Wallis

Inscription : In Memory of JOHN WALLIS d — 19 1860 in the 49th year of his age also EMMA eldest daughter of the above b August 1834 d February 1922 also SARAH wife of the above who after a long and painful illness departed this life Aug 31 1878 aged 69 also JOHN WALLIS BLINKHORN grandson of the above who was lost in the wreck of the Drummond Castle off Ushante June 16 1896 interred at Molene aged 33 footstone JW 1860 SW 1878

Douglass Walter Masterson; Julia Masterson; Mary Florence Schenk

Inscription : In Loving Memory of MARY FLORENCE SCHENK third daughter of GEORGE & JULIA MASTERSON wife of GEORGE THEODOR SCHENK d March 2 1908 aged 32 also of JULIA MASTERSON mother of the above d July 25 1911 aged 63 [groundstone] In Loving Memory of DOUGLAS WALTER MASTERSON youngest son and brother of the above and late of Battery New Zealand Field Artillery d at Waikari Hospital New Zealand 20th November 1928 as a result of wounds received in action at Gallipoli 1915 after many years of patient suffering

Ann Elizabeth Bidwell; Ethel Miriam Bidwell; Florence Bidwell; Grace Sophia Bidwell; Jessie Daisy Bidwell; Thomas John Bidwell; Thomas Richard Thurlow Bidwell

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of ETHEL MIRIAM the dearly loved child of THOMAS & ELIZABETH BIDWELL b June 19 1879 d Oct 19 1883 also of FLORENCE their eldest daughter b Feb 21 1876 d Oct 21 1894 also THOMAS RICHARD THURLOW BIDWELL b Feb 6 1848 d April 6 1900 also ANN ELIZABETH BIDWELL d Oct 20th 1907 aged 59 side 2 In Loving Memory of THOMAS JOHN BIDWELL d March 23rd 1901 in the 27th year of his age interred at Beaueort West Westleyan cemetery South Africa also GRACE S BIDWELL d July 6 1903 aged 20 also JESSIE DAISY BIDWELL d January 31 1908 aged 26 interred at Brockley cemetery

Ann Worboys; Annie Worboys; Benjamin Worboys; Emma Worboys; Robert Worboys; Thomas Worboys

Inscription : In Loving Remembrance of BENJAMIN WORBOYS who entered into rest Aug 4th 1884 also ANN widow of the above d Sept 25th 1905 in her 89th year At rest also ANNIE eldest daughter of the above who found rest Sept 5th 1907 in her 62nd year also EMMA daughter of the above d Feb 27th 1858 aged 10 and THOMAS the youngest son d April 5th 1859 aged 3 and of ROBERT who passed away July 5th 1909 aged 66 interred in Earlsheaton Cemetery Dewsbury

Arthur Coleman; Harriet Coleman; Thomas Coleman; Thomas Holiday Coleman

Inscription : side 1 IAR ARTHUR the beloved son of THOMAS & HARRIET COLEMAN d 2nd June 1874 aged 22 also HARRIET COLEMAN [mother of the above] d June 27th 1891 aged 66 In Loving Memory of THOMAS HOLIDAY COLEMAN d Jan 29th 1892 aged 67 Our father side 2: ILMO THOMAS COLEMAN / the beloved son of T & H COLEMAN / who died suddenly at Mount Kemble / NSW Australia / Jan 28th 1892 aged 34

Arthur George Cowles; Georgianna Cowles; Martha Kate Cowles; William Cowles; William Charles Cowles

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of WILLIAM COWLES d May 28th 1878 aged 31 also of GEORGIANNA COWLES d Dec 7th 1872 aged 21 interred in Reading Cemetery and of ARTHUR GEORGE son of the above d Aug 12th 1875 aged 6 interred in Falkirk Cemetery and of WILLIAM CHARLES COWLES d —————– aged _6 and of MARTHA KATE wife of WILLIAM CHARLES COWLES d April 26th 1933 aged 57

Arthur John Felstead; George William Felstead; Hannah Felstead; William Felstead

Inscription : In Loving Memory of WILLIAM FELSTEAD d May 22 1895 aged 69 also HANNAH FELSTEAD wife of the above who passed away September 18 1907 aged 77 In Loving Memory of GEORGE WILLIAM FELSTEAD who departed this life August 11 1882 aged 26 also Corporal ARTHUR JOHN FELSTEAD Royal Engineers brother of the above died suddenly at Assouan Egypt October 16 1885 aged 23

Charles Augustus Taylor; Charlotte Taylor; Charlotte Ann Taylor; James Webber Taylor; John Taylor; William Webber Taylor

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of JOHN TAYLOR d Dec 11 1878 aged 56 CHARLOTTE wife of the above d Feb 2 1900 aged 82 also CHARLOTTE ANN TAYLOR d Jan 20 1854 aged 11 months also JANE WEBBER d Oct 16 1857 aged 15 also CHARLES AUGUSTUS TAYLOR d — 25 1857 aged 8 months also WILLIAM WEBBER d Nov 21 1859 aged 15

Edward Francis Marfleet; George Joseph Marfleet; Louisa Marfleet; Mary Ann Marfleet

Inscription : In Loving Memory of GEORGE JOSEPH MARFLEET who departed this life Oct 17 1878 in his 64th year also LOUISA wife of the above d Nov 9 1897 in her 80th year EDWARD FRANCIS eldest son of the above d at Llantarnam (Mon) July 19 1900 in his 60th year MARY ANN youngest daughter of GEORGE JOSEPH & LOUISA MARFLEET d March 16 1875 in her 24th year

Elizabeth Sarah Mortlock; Mary Mortlock; Thomas Samuel Mortlock; William Henry Mortlock

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of a beloved mother MARY wife of T S MORTLOCK d May 31 1864 aged 48 also of WILLIAM HENRY son of the above who was drowned off Cape Morgan Nov 22 1862 aged 21 also of the above named THOMAS S MORTLOCK d — 17 1873 also of ELIZABETH SARAH MORTLOCK daughter of the above d June 13 1906 aged 67

Beatrice Branch; Ernest Branch; Hannah Branch; James Branch; Lily Sophia Branch; Gertrude Mary Williams

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of LILY SOPHIA BRANCH d Aug 5th 1875 aged 10 months also ERNEST BRANCH d Jan 24th 1897 aged 19 also HANNAH BRANCH mother of the above d Jan 19th 1905 aged 59 side 2 In Loving Memory of JAMES BRANCH d March 1st 1906 aged 59 also GERTRUDE MARY second daughter of the above d Jan 27th 1917 aged 37

Florence Mary Funge; Henry William Funge; Mary Ann Funge; Thomas John Funge; Thomas Weston Funge

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of THOMAS JOHN FUNGE b [30] Dec 18– d Feb [1863] also MARY ANN his beloved wife d June [1884] age 72 side 2 In Loving Memory of FLORENCE MARY d Sept 19 1880 aged 15 months also THOMAS WESTON d Dec 20 1880 aged 3 the beloved children of THOMAS and MARY FUNGE also of HENRY WILLIAM b April — d May —-

George Henry Wallis; Joseph Wallis; William Wallis

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of GEORGE HENRY WALLIS d Mar 24 1847 aged 4 also WILLIAM WALLIS d May 12 1850 aged 18 All that you come my grave to see Think on Death when you think of me I in my bloom was snatched away Therefore repent make no delay also JOSEPH WALLIS who after a long and painful illness d Apr 1 1882 aged 45 Not my will O Lord but thine be done sons of the late JOHN WALLIS

George William Cursley

Inscription : IM GEORGE WILLIAM CURSLEY b March 11th 1823 d March 11th 1892 This monument is erected by the brethren of the Cambridge District of the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows as a tribute of the [eternal] affection for one who for 50 years worked with unwearyingly zeal in the cause and during the last 15 years of his life filled the office of PROVCS That best portion of a good mans life has little nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love

Grace Margaret Bennett; Arthur Frederick Farrant Edwards; Joseph William Farrant Edwards; Lilias Ada Farrant Edwards; Louisa Selina Farrant Edwards; Rosina Jane Farrant Edwards; Sarah Louisa Farrant Edwards

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of the beloved children of RICHARD & LOUISA EDWARDS JOSEPH WILLIAM FARRANT b Dec 15 1858 d April 18 1859 SARAH LOUISA FARRANT b June 18 1862 d June [18] 1863 LOUISA SELINA FARRANT b November 25 1868 d Jan 17 1870 LILIAS ADA FARRANT b May 8 1875 d June 5 1875 ARTHUR FREDERICK FARRANT b May 17 1873 d Apr 25 1876 ROSINA JANE FARRANT b Dec 6 1871 d Nov 20 1878 GRACE MARGARET BENNETT d Jan 31 1911 aged 16 months

Henry Field; Henry George Field; Lizzie Field; Louisa Cecilia Field; Sarah Ann Field; William Henry Field

Inscription : In Loving Memory of HENRY FIELD the affectionate husband of SARAH ANN FIELD b March 31st 1836 d Septr 28th 1879 also HENRY GEORGE son of the above b Octr 12 1865 d Octr 11th 1867 WILLIAM HENRY nephew b Augst 3[-] 1868 LOUISA CECILIA daughter b Novr 10th 1871 d April 18 1879 LIZZIE daughter born Decr 3rd 1869 d Decr 7th 1891 SARAH ANN wife of HENRY FIELD b April 12th 1844 d June 14th 1931

John Faiers; Mary Faiers; Charles Millard; Georgiana Millard; Mary Teresa Millard

Inscription : In Loving Memory of CHARLES MILLARD d Dec 23rd 1926 aged 73 also his wife MARY TERESA d March 15th 1925 aged 75 who was buried in Ladywell Cemetery also GEORGINA MILLARD d Nov 17th 1929 aged 69 Sacred to the Memory of MARY wife of JOHN FAIERS d May 30 [186-] aged 68 also of JOHN FAIERS husband of the above d Nov– 1822 aged 73

Alfred French; Alfred Smith French; Ann French; Kate French; Mary Ann Cartwright French; William John Daffen French; William Smith French

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ALFRED FRENCH d April 9 1914 aged 75 also WILLIAM SMITH FRENCH d Aug 16 1868 aged 37 also MARY ANN CARTWRIGHT wife of ALFRED FRENCH d Mar 9 1879 aged 39 also KATE [dau] of ALFRED & MARY ANN C FRENCH d Sept 23 1874 aged 6 months also ANN FRENCH d Nov 24 1879 aged 79 also ALFRED SMITH only son of ALFRED & MARY ANN C FRENCH d Oct 9 1886 aged 14 also WILLIAM JOHN DAFFEN d July 11 1867 aged 23