CFHS code : ED41

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of GEORGE MOUNTAIN d 24 Aug 1864 aged 57 also LETITIA wife of above d 7 Oct 1876 aged 68 reverse KATE MOUNTAIN 1863 Reunited 1944

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203122, 0.13736424 – click here for location

Mountain grave
Mountain headstone


This round-topped limestone headstone with kerb stones, in the parish area of St Edward, is located seven rows west of the central path 20 yards north of the centre circle. It is the second of four Mountain monuments adjacent to one another.


Sacred to the memory of George Mountain
died Aug. 24. 1864. aged 57.

Also of Letitia wife of the above
died on Oct. 7 1876 aged 68.

Kate Mountain 1863 Reunited 1944

George Mountain (c.1807‒1864)

George Mountain was born c.1807 in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.  Tracing his birth has so far been abortive. The only plausible trace of that event is a baptism on 5 April 1807 in Mirfield ‒ which is in West Yorkshire, between Huddersfield and Dewsbury. That George was the son of John and Sarah Mountain.  Nothing is known of George’s childhood, or when he moved to Cambridge.

The banns of marriage for George Mountain and Letitia Greves of Horsford, Norfolk were read out in the parish church of Sloley, a village 11 miles north of Norwich, in 1839 on 25 May, 2 and 9 June (and also in St Edward’s Church, Cambridge). The marriage presumably took place later that June in Sloley.

By 1841 the couple were living at 8 Queens’ Lane, in central Cambridge, with a nine-month-old daughter, Mary Ann (1840‒1909).  George’s occupation is given in the census return for that year simply as ‛male servant’, however, the St Edward baptismal register records him in 1840 as ‛coachman to the Provost of King’s College’.  (The Provost is the highest official in the college, equivalent to ‛Master’, ‛Mistress’, ‛Principal’ or ‛President’ in other Cambridge colleges.)  George’s position was thus a prestigious one, and he retained it into the early 1860s.  By 1851 the couple had had three sons, and two more daughters: James (1842‒1923), Thomas (1848‒1938), Susannah (1844‒47),  John (1846‒) and Elizabeth (1851‒1935).

George died  on 24 August 1864, aged 57, and was buried on the 27th of the month in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXVII of the St Edward parish area, in grave 7, at a depth of 7 feet. His address at the time of death remained Queens’ Lane.

Letitia Mountain (née Greves) (c.1808‒1876)

Letitia Greves was born in Horsford, six miles north of Norwich in the county of Norfolk. Her parents may have been John Greves, labourer, and his wife Anne of the same village.  Nothing is known of her childhood or upbringing.

She married George Mountain, in June 1839 in Sloley, Norfolk.  The couple moved to Cambridge and lived at 8 Queens’ Lane, where by 1840 George had become coachman to the Provost of King’s College.  In the following decade, they had three daughters and three sons ‒ two of the latter becoming choristers in the King’s College choir around 1861.

George died on 24 August 1864 at the age of 57.  When the 1871 census was taken, Letitia was staying at 7 Sentinel Road, Horsford; however, at her death on 7 October 1876, aged 68, her address was Bentinck Street, New Town (between Union Road and Coronation Street).   Her body was buried on 11 October in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXVII of the St Edward parish area, in grave 7, at a depth of 7 feet.

Kate Mountain (née Bodley) (1863‒1944)

Kate Bodley was born in 1863 in London, the daughter of Alfred F Bodley of Guernsey and Harriet E Bodley of Rotherhithe, Surrey.  She had evidently known Thomas Mountain for at least nine years when she married Thomas, widow, in Cambridge in 1920.  Thomas died in 1933, and she lived on until 1944, dying at the age of 80 or 81.

For more information about Kate, see Kate Mountain.

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By Ian Bent

George Mountain; Kate Mountain; Letitia Mountain