CFHS code : HT140

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of our only child KATHLEEN FLORENCE BLAKE d Feb 1st 1920 in her 8th year also CLARA ELIZABETH BLAKE d Jan 18th 1952 aged 69 and ROBERT WILLIAM BLAKE d May 3rd 1953 aged 69

Monument : Headstone/Footstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The headstone in January 2022.


This headstone  stands 5 rows  from the east wall and 4 monuments from the south wall in the south east corner of the parish of Holy Trinity. The carved inscription has suffered some erosion but mostly still legible. The small foot stone is still in place.


In Loving Memory of our only child KATHLEEN FLORENCE BLAKE d Feb 1st 1920 in her 8th year

Also CLARA ELIZABETH BLAKE who died Jan 18th 1952 aged 69  years

And ROBERT WILLIAM BLAKE who died May 3rd 1953 aged 69 years


Robert William Blake (23 March 1884 – 3 May 1953)

Robert was known as Will and was born in Cambridge.  He was the son of Arthur and Susan Blake and grew up living at 13 Brandon Place.  His father was a fishmonger’s assistant and later a greengrocer.  By the age of 17 (1901) Will was working as a baker’s assistant.  He married Clara Watts in 1907 when he was 23 years old.

They lived at 19 Ainsworth Street (1911 to at least 1925) and later at 49 Kingston Street (at least 1930-1950).  In 1911 he was working as a ‘vanman’ for the Cooperative Society Bakery.  In 1939 he was working as a bakery checker.  He died at 233 Mill Road at the age of 69 years old.  He left an estate valued at £1,723 8s 3d.

Clara Elizabeth Blake (nee Watts) (8 January 1883- 18 January 1952)

Clara was the daughter of William and Emily Watts.  She was born and raised in Cherry Hinton and her father was a Lime Burner.  Aged 18 (1901) she was working as a domestic servant for Henry and Louisa Bavey at 39 Regent Street.  Henry was a Master Baker, so maybe in the course of working there she met and married Will Blake.  By 1939 they were living at 49 Kingston Street. Clara died aged 69 years old at 233 Mill Road, although her probate records show that she was still living at 49 Kingston Road at the time.

Kathleen Florence Blake (July 1912 – 1 February 1920)

Kathleen was the only daughter of Clara and Will Blake.  She  died of TB aged 7 years and six months old.  Newspaper reports of the time show that she was a bridesmaid in February 1919 at the wedding of her Aunt Gertrude (Watts) when she married William Appleton.

After her death her parents put a notice in the Cambridge Daily News which showed their utter grief:

BLAKE – On February 1st, at the Sanitorium, 

Kathleen Florence Blake, the beloved and only daughter of Mr and Mrs R.W. Blake

of 49, Kingston Street, Cambridge, aged 7 years and 6 months.

‘Some day, some time, we shall understand’



Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen

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Clara Elizabeth Blake; Kathleen Florence Blake; Robert William Blake