CFHS code : BE45

Parish : St Bene’t

Inscription : In Memory of CISSIE the beloved wife of WE PEGG d Jan 7 1913 age 40 also WILLIAM EDWARD PEGG d July 11 1928 age 63 also HENRY EDWARD PEGG son of above d Sept 3 1958 age 61

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

I of a pair of family headstones midway between the central path and the west path. Mostly hidden by brambles. We were not able to check the inscription.


In Memory of CISSIE the beloved wife of W E PEGG d Jan 7 1913 age 40

Also WILLIAM EDWARD PEGG d July 11 1928 age 63

Also HENRY EDWARD PEGG son of above d Sept 3 1958 age 61

Elizabeth (Cissie) Pegg née Knight  (c 1870 – 1913)

Elizabeth was born in Chelsea and in 1891 was a visitor at the home of Mary Chamberlain. Mary’s brother William Edward was also there on a visit. They married 2 years later in Islington. Their first child William Cecil (1892) was born in London after which the family moved to Cambridge where he was baptises in the parish of Andrew the Less in 1896. They had another 3 children Henry Edward (1896) , Jessie Isabella Irene (1900) and Gwendoline May (1901), all born in Cambridge.

Elizabeth was living at 80 Newmarket Road when she died at the age of 40.

William Edward Pegg (1865-1928)

William was the eighth child born to Henry and Elizabeth Pegg. He was born in Sun Street, Cambridge. He took over the family *brewing business started by his father. When William died he was living at 139 Chesterton Road, Cambridge.

Scarborough College. Early 20th c

Henry Edward Pegg (1896 -1958)

Henry was the 2nd child of Cissie and William Pegg. He grew up in bene’t House Newmarket Rd. During WW1 he served with the London Rgiment 28th battalion and was discharged in 1919. He went on to become headmaster of Scarborough College which during his time was a boys boarding school. It still exists today but now takes girls and day pupils.

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*1907 11 05
A brewer’s drayman was fined for hawking beer. An Inland Revenue officer said he saw a boy stop a cart belonging to William Pegg, brewer of Newmarket Road, and say “They want you over there”, pointing to some men engaged in harvesting. The man had taken them a gallon jar off the cart for which he received one shilling. It was extremely unfair to sell beer that way as it took away from the custom of those who were legally entitled to sell it. The brewer said he had told the drayman not to sell beer without an order; the brewing business was a hobby of his and he would not be intentionally guilty of an illegal practice.

Thanks to Mike Petty for spotting the above in one of the Cambridge newspapers.

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www. mikepetty. org. uk Cambridge Newmarket Road Scrapbook 1897 to 1990 by Mike Petty

by Mary Naylor

Cissie Pegg; Henry Edward Pegg; William Edward Pegg