Ivett & Reed, long-standing Cambridge firm of stonemasons, established in 1896. The firm was located initially at 45 Mill Road [see illustration], near to the gates of Mill Road Cemetery; later it established its head office at 615 Newmarket Road, and the Mill Road office closed. The firm continues in business to this day.

ivett & reed mark

In Mill Road Cemetery, graves built by Ivett & Reed exceed, by a very large margin, those built by any other stonemason. Examples of their work can be seen in every section of the Cemetery, with the signature ‘Ivett.Reed’ or ‘Ivett-Reed’ or ‘Ivett & Reed’.

The following are known to have been built by the firm (the numbers given here are those assigned in the transcriptions by the Cambridgeshire Family History Society):

ivett & reed bullen
Bullen grave

All Saints 43: Thomas & Amelia Sargent (headstone, kerbstones and flowerholder)
All Saints 55: John & Florence Bullen (headstone and kerbstones in red marble, ground slab) [see illustrations]

Holy Sepulchre 61: Hall family (headstone, footstone)
Holy Sepulchre 70: Ivett (headstone with ornate figure of woman, kerbstones) [senior member of Ivett & Reed]

Holy Trinity 352: Goddard family (kerbstones)
Holy Trinity 417: Amy Parmiter (headstone, kerbstones)
Holy Trinity 492: Arnold family (headstone, kerbstones)
Holy Trinity 596: James & Harriet Batterbee (kerbstones)

Johnson grave by Ivett & Reed
Johnson grave

St Andrew the Less 57: Gault family (headstone)
St Andrew the Less 58: Baldrey family (headstone, kerbstones)
St Andrew the Less 91: Sarah Dawson & Elizabeth Fletcher (headstone, kerbstones)
St Andrew the Less 93: Bailey & Boreham (headstone)
St Andrew the Less 225a: Carter family (headstone, kerbstones)
St Andrew the Less 228: Francis & Mary Rayner (kerbstones)
St Andrew the Less 271: Talbot family (headstone)
St Andrew the Less 286a: Netti & Margaret Storey (kerbstones, broken)
St Andrew the Less 335: Elizabeth & Charles Lofts (headstone, kerbstones)
St Andrew the Less 446: Isabelle Rooke & Marie Pratte (headstone)
St Andrew the Less 570: Philip & L J Milburn (headstone)

ivett & reed slingsby
Slingsby grave

St Andrew the Great 257: Collier family (stone cross, kerbstones; in grey marble) [see illustration]
St Andrew the Great 295: Brand family (kerbstones)
St Andrew the Great 404: Pull family (stone cross, kerbstones, broken)

St Benedict 89: Johnson family (headstone) [see illustrations]

St Edward 35: the Hills family (headstone)

St Michael 8: Sands family (headstone)

St Paul 8: Furniss family (headstone)
St Paul 424: Hagger family (headstone, broken)
St Paul 544: Slingsby family (headstone, kerbstones) [see illustration]

By Ian Bent

ivett & reed showroom
Ivett & Reed showroom
ivett & reed mark 4
Ivett & Reed mark
ivett & reed mark 3
Ivett & Reed mark
ivett & reed mark 2
Ivett & Reed mark