The firm of J Wiles, 9 Regent Street Cambridge, existed from at least 1878 to at least 1901. A firm of John Wiles also existed at 17 (or 19) Brunswick Street between 1850 and 1887. The burial dates of Wiles graves in the Cemetery span 1869-1926.

j wiles mark
J Wiles mark
j wiles grave - hall
Hall grave

The following graves in Mill Road Cemetery are known to have been built by Wiles (the numbers given here are those assigned in the transcriptions by the Cambridgeshire Family History Society):

St Benedict 18: Rev Samuel Savage and others (column with celtic cross and kerbstones: 1891, 1926) [see illustrations]

St Benedict 37: Jane, John & Martha Porter (headstone, fallen: 1888, 1913, 1916)

St Edward 34: Watts family (headstone on plinth, in red marble: 1892-99)

St Edward 145: John Halsey Law (cruciform coped stone, 1877)

St Mary the Great 3: Catherine Patmore and others (headstone: 1869-73)

Grave by J Wiles
Grave by J Wiles
J Wiles mark
J Wiles mark

St Paul 567: Alice & John Hall (cruciform coped stone: 1878, 1887)

— Please help us to identify other graves by Wiles in the Cemetery.

By Ian Bent